Set 1

  1. Long Way To Go (A) (B)
  2. Seven Story Mountain
  3. Wade In The Water (A)
  4. Hard Livin' (A) (C)
  5. Came Up Smilin' (A) (C)
  6. Goat (C) (D)
  7. 1759 (D)
  8. All Alone (A) (C) (E)
  9. Bird in a House (A)
  10. Dance Around Molly ->
  11. Dandelion Wine
  12. Dandelion Wine (reprise)

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Average rating: 4.5

Show notes

(A) with vocal harmonies by Sheryl Renee, Coco Brown and Shelly Lindsey
(B) with horns: Dan Sears on trumpet and Dominic Lallion alto saxophone
(C) with horns: Dan Sears on trumpet, Dominic Lallion alto saxophone and Bob Hemenger on tenor saxophone
(D) with Scott Law on electric guitar
(E) with Allie Kral on violin