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Show notes

Whippersnap Music and Arts Festival

Other Artists that performed at the Festival were:

The Funky Meters, Particle, Greensky Bluegrass, Digital Tape Machine (ft. Kris Myers and Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee), Family Groove Company, Roster McCabe, The Coop, The Macpodz, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, The Twin Cats, Mr. Blotto, Steez, Barefoot Fred, Kashmir, Thinner Teed, Brainchild, Herbert Wiser Band, Chicago Farmer, Soap, The Main Squeeze, Spare Parts, Jaik Willis, Ernie Hendrickson, Old Shoe, Wook, Mark Joseph, Spread, Honest Monday, Boogie Matrix, Zmick, IndigoSun, Cosmic Railroad, Afternoon Moon, Brothers Rage, Cosby Sweater, Sean Shiel, Bonzo Terks, Soup, Art of III Fusion, Dr. Ed and Friends, Flatland Ramble, Genome, Owen Too, Ellus Bellus, Brown Bag, Catfish and the Dogstars, All Points Bulletin, Sneaky Gene, The Great Influence Machine, Goose Doctor, Simpleton and Cityfolk, Evergreen Grass Band, Casa Karma, Jeremy Bates, U and What Army?