1759 (John Skehan)

First played

November 02, 2007

Last played

December 29, 2018

Times played


Instrumental | Notes

Named for the year Guinness began. John is notoriously bad at naming his songs, so this was one that actually made sense when you understand his love for the stout. -Scott

Shows played

2016-01-17 Iron City
2016-01-23 Stubb's BBQ
2016-01-29 The Vogue
2016-02-15 Belly Up Aspen
2016-02-27 Revolution Hall
2016-08-05 The Festival at Sandpoint
2016-09-23 Mountain Arts Center
2016-09-29 Rex Theater
2016-10-29 College Street Music Hall
2016-11-25 Sherman Theater