Any Road (George Harrison)

First played

May 24, 2003

Last played

April 06, 2019

Times played



Oh I've been traveling on a boat and a plane
In a car on a bike with a bus and a train
Traveling there and traveling here
Everywhere in every gear

But oh Lord we pay the price with a
Spin of a wheel - with a roll of a dice
Ah yeah you pay your fare
And if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there

And I've been traveling through the dirt and the grime
From the past to the future through the space and the time
Traveling deep beneath the waves - in
watery grottoes and mountainous caves

But oh Lord we've got to fight
With the thoughts in the head with the dark and the light
No use to stop and stare
And if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there

You may not known where you came from
May not know who you are
May not have even wondered how
you got this fair

I've been traveling on a wing and a prayer
By the skin of my teeth by the breadth of a hair
Traveling where the four winds blow
With the sun on my face - in the ice
and the snow

But oooeeee it's a game
Sometimes you're cool, sometimes
you're lame
Ah yeah pick somewhere
And if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there

But oh Lord we pay the price
With the spin of the wheel with the roll of
the dice
Ah yeah, you pay your fare
And if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there

I keep traveling around the bend
There was no beginning, there is no end
It wasn't born and never dies
There are no edges, there is no sides
Oh yeah, you just don't win
It's so far out - the way out is in
Bow to God and call him Sir
But if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there

Shows played

2004-02-21 Mexicali Blues
2004-03-04 Funk Box
2004-03-06 Lincoln Theatre
2004-03-12 Fountain House
2004-03-25 Fox Theatre
2004-03-27 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-04-01 Tractor Tavern
2004-04-03 Mt. Tabor Theater
2004-04-08 The Independent
2004-04-17 Paramount Night Club
2004-04-21 Sticky Fingerz
2004-04-24 Cla-Zel Theater
2004-04-25 River Street Jazz Cafe
2004-05-08 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-05-14 Canal Club
2004-06-04 Harper's Ferry
2004-06-26 Casbah
2004-07-01 Rios
2004-08-14 Floyd Fest @ Dance Tent
2004-08-28 R2
2004-09-15 Starr Hill Music Hall
2004-10-02 Mexicali Blues
2004-10-03 Dave & Kacey's Wedding @ unknown venue
2004-10-21 Cumberland's
2004-11-06 Catalyst
2004-11-08 Tahoe Biltmore - Club Breeze
2004-11-11 Aggie Theatre
2004-11-12 32 Bleu
2004-11-16 Granada Theatre
2004-11-17 Ranch Bowl
2004-11-18 Green Room
2004-11-19 The Annex
2004-12-03 State Theatre
2004-12-09 Revolution Hall
2004-12-10 Harper's Ferry
2007-01-24 Borderline
2007-04-17 Ashland Armory
2007-06-14 Proud Larry's
2007-07-10 Blind Pig
2007-09-11 The Dame
2007-09-26 Knickerbockers
2007-10-07 12 Galaxies
2007-11-01 Rams Head Tavern
2007-11-03 The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
2007-11-23 Sherman Theater
2008-02-01 Mexicali Live
2008-04-19 Bearsville Theatre
2008-04-26 Inter-Media Art Center
2008-06-11 The Crossroads
2008-06-21 The Showbox
2008-09-13 Barrymore Theatre
2008-10-11 Mr. Small's Funhouse Theatre
2008-10-24 Canopy Club
2008-12-31 Aladdin Theater
2009-01-17 Revolution Hall
2009-02-21 Colonial Theater
2009-03-20 Lantern Music Hall
2009-03-28 House of Blues - Chicago
2009-04-28 Roxy Theatre
2009-06-23 Grizzly Rose
2009-07-21 The Redstone Room
2009-08-05 Artpark
2009-08-19 Babcock Theatre
2009-09-11 Higher Ground
2009-09-19 The Kitty Carlisle Hart Theater at the Egg
2009-09-26 Neighborhood Theatre
2009-09-29 The Plaza Theatre
2009-10-03 Variety Playhouse
2009-10-26 Beachland Ballroom
2009-11-13 Bearsville Theatre
2009-11-20 Fox Theatre
2009-12-11 9:30 Club
2009-12-27 The Fillmore
2011-01-13 Bijou Theater
2011-01-19 Cain's Ballroom
2011-01-25 Hard Rock Cafe
2011-02-03 Northern Lights
2011-02-10 Kent Stage
2011-02-11 Penn's Peak
2011-02-25 Westcott Theater
2011-03-04 Headliners Music Hall
2011-03-21 The BellyUp
2011-03-27 The Vault
2011-03-29 Englert Theater
2011-07-02 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
2011-10-06 World Cafe Live @ the Queen
2011-10-06 World Cafe Live @ Wilmington
2011-10-19 WorkPlay Theatre
2011-11-10 Majestic Theatre
2011-11-17 Newport Music Hall
2011-12-29 Ogden Theater
2018-01-05 Sheridan Opera House
2018-01-13 Roseland Theater
2018-01-18 Catalyst
2018-02-16 House of Blues - Boston
2018-02-23 9:30 Club
2018-03-03 Variety Playhouse
2018-04-18 George's Majestic
2018-06-30 Asbury Lanes
2018-07-21 Moon Dance Music Festival
2019-01-21 10 Mile Music Hall
2019-02-01 The UC Theater
2019-03-21 The National
2019-04-06 Emo's Austin