Birds of America (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

March 25, 2001

Last played

April 04, 2019

Times played



All across the country
everywhere you go
It's a natural wonder
it's a beautiful show

Birds of America

Gives a boy a hobby
the whole night long
Lookin' for the feather
listenin' for the song

Birds of America
Birds of America

You can watch them from a distance
never make a sound
or put up a feeder
and watch'em come around

Birds of America
Birds of America

Swallow or a Lark
'Pecker or a Cuckoo
Is that a Swan I hear
or a common loon

I watch the way she moves
observe how she behaves
Gliding and soaring
High above the waves

Heres a little tip
this'll never fail
Identify the breasts
identify the tail

Birds of America
Birds of America
Birds of America

Shows played

2001-03-25 Fountain House
2001-03-29 Sarah Street Grill
2001-06-13 Stanhope House
2001-06-14 Tribeca Blues
2001-06-16 Mexicali Blues
2001-06-28 Half Moon Saloon
2001-06-29 Fox Theatre
2001-07-14 Ho-Down @ Billy, Allen, Tara, & Alex's Backyard
2001-08-03 Beardslee Castle
2001-08-04 Pour House
2001-08-14 Peasant's Cafe
2001-08-16 Pour House
2001-08-18 Brushy Mountain Jamboree @ Van Hoy Farms
2001-08-30 Stanhope House
2001-09-01 Dave's Farm
2001-09-07 Stone Pony
2001-10-02 The Handlebar
2001-10-04 Pour House
2001-10-13 Lion's Den
2001-10-31 Full Moon Saloon
2001-11-02 EBF Lawn
2001-11-03 Last Day Saloon
2001-11-07 Bluebird Theater
2001-11-23 Tribeca Blues
2001-12-31 Stanhope House
2004-02-20 Mexicali Blues
2004-03-26 32 Bleu
2004-04-02 The Milky Way - Pacific University
2004-04-07 Constable Jack's
2004-05-01 Vassar College
2004-05-09 Washington & Lee University
2004-07-31 Bucks County Bluegrass Festival @ Snipe's Farm
2004-08-28 R2
2004-10-20 The Handlebar
2004-10-21 Cumberland's
2004-10-30 Stella Blue
2004-11-06 Catalyst
2004-12-02 Funk Box
2015-01-17 The Pageant
2015-01-25 Granada
2015-02-11 Newport Music Hall
2015-02-19 Brooklyn Bowl
2015-03-15 Crystal Bay Club
2015-03-21 Belly Up Tavern
2015-03-27 Music Farm
2015-05-24 Revival Festival
2015-07-04 Concord Music Hall
2018-01-02 Belly Up Aspen
2018-01-10 The Pub Station
2018-01-14 Doug Fir
2018-02-17 Capitol Theatre
2018-03-02 Variety Playhouse
2018-04-27 Avondale Brewery
2018-06-30 Asbury Lanes
2018-08-17 Boulder Theater
2018-10-13 Hillberry The Harvest Moon Festival
2018-10-25 Hangtown Music Festival
2018-12-29 Neptune Theater