Black Bear (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

February 18, 2001

Last played

March 22, 2019

Times played



Come into my cavern for a spell
Outside the ice-queen's come again to dwell
What am i like? An image strong & dark
Where has it gone . . the warmth from my heart?

Black Bear
Black Bear

Ponder the power in the paw
Shiver at the strength built in the jaw
What is it like to pulse at winter sleep?
To fall in a dream a million miles deep?

Black Bear
Black Bear

i wake again with all I need to know
The honey-trail tells me where to go
And when I arrive I close my eyes to see
What's stirring in the hollow of the tree

Black Bear
Black Bear

Shows played

2008-03-01 Sherman Theater
2008-04-18 Pearl Street
2008-06-11 The Crossroads
2008-07-03 Rothbury Festival @ Double JJ Ranch
2008-09-04 9:30 Club
2008-09-16 The Cabooze
2008-09-27 The Fillmore
2008-11-02 Sun Music Hall
2008-11-23 At The Tabernacle
2008-12-29 Aladdin Theater
2015-01-22 The Ogden Theatre
2015-02-15 Rapids Theatre
2015-02-27 9:30 Club
2015-03-21 Belly Up Tavern
2015-03-29 Bluegrass Underground
2015-09-19 Boulder Theater
2015-11-28 Sherman Theater
2018-01-14 Doug Fir
2018-02-18 Infinity Hall
2018-03-03 Variety Playhouse
2018-04-24 Duling Hall
2018-04-29 Music Farm
2019-01-21 10 Mile Music Hall
2019-02-01 The UC Theater
2019-03-22 9:30 Club