Butterfly and The Tree (Todd Sheaffer, lyrics - From Good Homes, music)

First played

November 08, 2001

Last played

April 04, 2019

Times played



we were in a field a mile from nowhere
the sun up high
in a field, the grass was flowin’
she looked me in they eye

hey, she said, I’ve a fantasy
I’ll paint you & you paint me
ooh, I said, what shall we be?
she said, I’ll be a butterfly
you’ll be a tree

green & blue & red & yellow
the colors dried
I looked at her, she looked at me
we laughed into the sky

ooh, she said, look & see!
I am a butterfly, you are a tree
yes, I said, I agree
you are a butterfly
I am a tree

create a day up on a mountain
the world below
time was easy, time was lazy
movin’ nice & slow
bird flyin’ off into the blue
troubles far away
sweet you were my lovely, lovely
on that perfect day

ooh, she said, I feel so free
I am a butterfly, you are a tree
yes, I said, and a lucky tree
of all of the forest
you land on me

(do you love me
baby I love you
when you love me
the way that you do)

Shows played

2002-01-31 Lehigh University - Lamberton Hall
2002-02-27 The Milky Way - Pacific University
2002-03-06 Zephyr Club
2002-03-27 Pour House
2002-03-28 Geno's
2002-05-11 Tribeca Blues
2002-05-16 Iota Cafe
2002-06-14 University of Wisconsin - Memorial Union Terrace
2002-06-26 Whiskey Jacques
2002-06-27 Neurolux
2002-08-03 The Ronquillo Ranch
2002-08-13 Emerald Lounge
2002-08-20 Conduit
2002-08-29 Utopia Cafe
2002-09-14 Quail Hollow Station
2002-09-28 Bluebird Theater
2002-10-16 Smith's Olde Bar
2002-10-20 Dougaroo
2002-10-31 Chameleon Club
2002-11-22 Gullifty’s Underground
2002-11-30 Fountain House
2002-12-31 Cool Springs Farm
2005-02-19 Mexicali Blues
2005-04-09 McDonald Theatre
2005-04-13 Palms Playhouse
2005-05-20 The Silo
2005-06-30 Mexicali Blues
2005-07-07 Vaudeville Mews
2005-08-07 Horning's Hideout
2005-09-16 Cool Springs Farm
2005-09-23 Newport Music Hall
2005-12-31 Theatre of the Living Arts
2007-03-31 Irving Plaza
2007-04-14 McDonald Theatre
2007-04-19 Mystic Theater
2007-05-19 St. Mark's Episcopal Church
2007-06-14 Proud Larry's
2007-07-08 Southgate House
2007-09-18 Varsity Theater
2007-09-28 Gothic Theatre
2008-02-01 Mexicali Live
2008-04-26 Inter-Media Art Center
2008-06-16 The Palladium
2008-06-20 Crystal Ballroom
2008-12-31 Aladdin Theater
2009-02-25 Georgia Theatre
2009-03-07 Keswick Theater
2009-03-21 National Theater
2009-03-29 The Redstone Room
2009-05-01 The Fillmore
2009-11-13 Bearsville Theatre
2009-12-31 Aladdin Theater
2018-01-02 Belly Up Aspen
2018-01-06 Park City Live
2018-01-12 Neptune Theater
2018-02-17 Capitol Theatre
2018-02-28 Lincoln Theatre
2018-03-07 Goodyear Theater
2018-04-18 George's Majestic
2018-04-26 Tipitina's
2018-07-19 Horning's Hideout
2018-10-21 Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF)
2018-10-28 Hangtown Music Festival
2018-11-23 Sherman Theater