Chains (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

March 29, 2001

Last played

April 06, 2019

Times played



There are notes that ring eternal
There are songs that will remain
Mama sang a song of love
I've carried all my days
and i find my own voice ringin'
in a voice that i once heard
i recognize the feelings
i recognize the words

some things never end
here it comes again
there are things that aren't forgotten
there are things that will remain
Events of long ago
somehow form a chain

grandpa cracked a whip down
it stung a long long time
daddy picked that whip up
cracked that back of mine
in a moment of high confusion
has got a grip on me
i wonder how that whip now
is in the hand i see

some things never end
here it comes again
there are scars aren't forgotten
there are scars that will remain
Events of long ago now
somehow formed a chain

can you find it in the mirror
can you find it in your heart
look into tomorrow
do you stop before you start
do you find your own voice ringin'
in a voice that you once heard
do you recognize the feelings
do you recognize the words

here it comes again
some things never end
there are things that aren't forgotten
there are things that will remain
events of long ago
somehow form a chain

here it comes again
some things never end
there are things that aren't forgotten
there are things that will remain
he left so long ago
somehow form a chain

Shows played

2001-03-29 Sarah Street Grill
2001-05-02 Stanhope House
2001-05-05 Wetlands Preserve
2001-05-10 Sarah Street Grill
2001-05-19 All Good Music Festival @ Oakley Farm
2001-06-08 Blue Star
2001-06-13 Stanhope House
2001-06-14 Tribeca Blues
2001-06-16 Mexicali Blues
2001-06-21 Telluride Bluegrass Festival @ Elks Lodge
2001-06-28 Half Moon Saloon
2001-06-29 Fox Theatre
2001-07-05 High Sierra Music Festival
2001-07-07 High Sierra Music Festival
2001-07-14 Ho-Down @ Billy, Allen, Tara, & Alex's Backyard
2001-08-01 Recher Theatre
2001-08-02 Wetlands Preserve
2001-08-03 Beardslee Castle
2001-08-04 Pour House
2001-08-14 Peasant's Cafe
2001-08-16 Pour House
2001-08-18 Brushy Mountain Jamboree @ Van Hoy Farms
2001-09-01 Dave's Farm
2001-09-07 Stone Pony
2001-09-14 Higher Ground
2001-09-15 Beardslee Castle
2001-09-18 Hamilton Pub
2001-09-22 State Theatre
2001-09-29 Harvest Fest @ Harvest Fest
2001-10-01 Cumberland's
2001-10-02 The Handlebar
2001-10-04 Pour House
2001-10-13 Lion's Den
2001-10-17 Stanhope House
2001-10-31 Full Moon Saloon
2001-11-02 EBF Lawn
2001-11-03 Last Day Saloon
2001-11-04 Sweetwater Saloon
2001-11-07 Bluebird Theater
2001-11-08 Armstrong Hall - Colorado College
2001-11-10 Fox Theatre
2001-11-23 Tribeca Blues
2001-11-29 Iron Horse Music Hall
2001-12-31 Stanhope House
2004-03-04 Funk Box
2004-03-21 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-03-28 Suede
2004-04-07 Constable Jack's
2004-06-19 Stella Blue
2004-06-23 SoHo
2004-06-25 Knitting Factory
2004-06-29 Palms Playhouse
2004-07-31 Bucks County Bluegrass Festival @ Snipe's Farm
2004-08-15 Chalet Wolfneck
2004-09-08 Grog Shop
2004-10-02 Mexicali Blues
2004-10-03 Dave & Kacey's Wedding @ unknown venue
2004-10-20 The Handlebar
2004-10-31 Orpheum Theater
2004-11-04 Constable Jack's
2004-11-05 The Independent
2004-12-02 Funk Box
2004-12-10 Harper's Ferry
2006-01-18 Nevada Room
2006-02-07 Levelz
2006-02-18 Mexicali Blues
2006-03-17 Bearsville Theatre
2006-03-28 Jamm in Jamaica @ Mariner's Beach
2006-06-01 State Theatre
2006-06-05 Exit/Inn
2006-07-19 Old Armory
2006-10-27 Stephen's Talkhouse
2008-03-01 Sherman Theater
2008-09-14 Miramar Theatre
2008-09-23 Belly Up Tavern
2008-10-26 George's Majestic
2008-12-29 Aladdin Theater
2009-01-16 Westcott Community Center
2009-03-07 Keswick Theater
2009-03-29 The Redstone Room
2009-06-23 Grizzly Rose
2009-09-10 The State Theater
2009-09-18 Toad's Place
2009-09-26 Neighborhood Theatre
2009-10-26 Beachland Ballroom
2009-11-13 Bearsville Theatre
2009-11-27 Sherman Theater
2009-12-28 The Fillmore
2010-02-28 Mexicali Live
2010-04-09 Mexicali Live
2010-06-01 Old Rock House
2010-07-24 Stone Pony
2010-09-29 Crystal Bay Club
2010-10-18 Exit/Inn
2010-11-06 The Intersection
2010-12-02 Tupelo Music Hall
2012-02-06 George's Majestic
2012-02-10 Pabst Theater
2012-02-25 Best Buy Theater
2012-03-08 Uptown Theatre
2012-03-16 The BellyUp
2012-04-13 World Cafe Live
2012-05-18 Mighty High Music Festival
2012-06-24 Freebird Live
2012-09-16 Stiefel Theater
2015-01-16 The Vic Theatre
2015-01-25 Granada
2015-01-30 House of Blues - Houston
2015-02-27 9:30 Club
2015-03-18 Marquee Theatre
2015-03-27 Music Farm
2015-06-05 Water Street Music Hall
2015-09-19 Boulder Theater