Colorado (Todd Sheaffer and Andy Goessling)

First played

March 25, 2001

Last played

April 05, 2019

Times played



On the rise through new elevations
New days begun
Fuel the ride with anticipation
and sweet summer sun

Down the rocks run the cool rushing waters
. . . movin' along
Memories of some sweet days
and some new ones comin' on


Fill the heart with new animation
Be here again
Fill the high with sweet celebration
Rememberin' when

Down the rocks run the cool rushing waters
Singin' a song

Memories of some sweet days
and some new ones just begun


Notes: In the beginning, the band would jam a tune called "Icarus" in the middle of the song. This gave way over time to the newer deconstruction of "The Staten Island Hornpipe," which is the end bit of the song. Skehan mentioned that in an interview sometime around when "Elko" came out. He's basically playing the hornpipe inside-out, if you follow. - Scott

Shows played

2004-03-04 Funk Box
2004-03-12 Fountain House
2004-03-19 Tuxedo Junction
2004-03-20 Harper's Ferry
2004-03-26 32 Bleu
2004-03-27 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-03-28 Suede
2004-03-31 Bishop's Pub
2004-04-03 Mt. Tabor Theater
2004-04-06 The Little Fox
2004-04-13 Orpheum Theater
2004-04-16 Stella Blue
2004-04-22 12th & Porter
2004-05-09 Washington & Lee University
2004-05-14 Canal Club
2004-06-11 Crash Mansion
2004-06-19 Stella Blue
2004-06-24 The Independent
2004-06-29 Palms Playhouse
2004-07-08 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-07-29 Rex Theater
2004-08-15 Doug's Cabin porch
2004-09-08 Grog Shop
2004-09-15 Starr Hill Music Hall
2004-10-01 Theatre of the Living Arts
2004-10-21 Cumberland's
2004-11-04 Constable Jack's
2004-11-06 Catalyst
2004-11-11 Aggie Theatre
2004-11-12 32 Bleu
2004-11-13 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-12-03 State Theatre
2004-12-09 Revolution Hall