Crossing The Gap (Carbone, Skehan)

First played

September 16, 2005

Last played

April 04, 2019

Times played



I'm crossing the gap on my way home
Above my head, just sky and stone
Cross the river from the Jersey side
At the end of a long, long ride

Hello Morning Star, you're my old friend
you are day's beginning, to me you're a ten (?)
Now I'm racing the dawn, but I never win
Road signs mark the time 'till I'll see you again

There are things I'd change, but what's been done is done
Pulled one too many threads, now I've come unspun
I'll sleep and I'll dream, lie in some strange bed
Almost lost the story, but I know it never ends
It never ends!


Well I'm beggin the sun for just a bit more time
Moon light, it's all right to set down this line (?)
So good bye Morning Star, daylight's come again
I'll cross one hundred rivers, there's one more ahead
It's just ahead!

(chorus) x2

Shows played

2007-03-30 State Theatre
2007-04-09 The Depot
2007-04-12 The Showbox
2007-04-19 Mystic Theater
2007-04-24 Aruba Hotel
2007-04-29 El Rey Theater
2007-06-12 George's Majestic
2007-06-18 The Social
2007-06-21 Jack Rabbits
2007-07-07 Bluebird
2007-07-11 Beachland Ballroom
2007-09-07 Paradise Rock Club
2007-09-12 Orange Peel
2007-09-18 Varsity Theater
2007-09-24 Cain's Ballroom
2007-09-28 Gothic Theatre
2007-10-04 Key Club
2007-10-31 State Theatre
2007-11-02 The Fillmore at the Theatre of Living Arts
2007-12-30 Penn's Peak
2009-01-03 Penn's Peak
2009-01-15 Tralf Music Hall
2009-02-21 Colonial Theater
2009-02-26 Music Farm
2009-03-19 The Birchmere
2009-03-26 The Pageant
2009-03-29 The Redstone Room
2009-04-04 The Ogden Theatre
2009-06-18 Sheridan Opera House
2009-06-23 Grizzly Rose
2009-06-26 Crystal Ballroom
2009-07-20 The Blue Note
2009-08-14 Harvest Music Festival @ Mulberry Mountain
2009-09-06 The BellyUp
2009-09-18 Toad's Place
2009-09-25 The National
2009-10-01 The WorkPLay Theatre
2009-10-04 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
2009-10-23 Paradise Rock Club
2009-10-27 Mr. Small's Funhouse Theatre
2009-10-31 Royal Oak Music Theatre
2009-11-19 Fox Theatre
2009-11-27 Sherman Theater
2009-12-10 Music Hall of Williamsburg
2009-12-28 The Fillmore
2010-02-28 Mexicali Live
2010-03-06 Penn's Peak
2010-04-22 8x10 Club
2010-05-01 Washington & Lee University
2010-05-14 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
2010-07-24 Stone Pony
2010-08-27 Snow Ridge Jam Fest
2010-09-24 Crystal Ballroom
2010-11-05 Beachland Ballroom
2010-11-26 Sherman Theater
2018-01-02 Belly Up Aspen
2018-01-14 Doug Fir
2018-01-16 Ashland Armory
2018-01-18 Catalyst
2018-01-20 The Warfield
2018-02-28 Lincoln Theatre
2018-04-19 George's Majestic
2018-04-28 The Blind Tiger
2018-11-24 Sherman Theater
2018-12-08 Strings and Sol @ Now Sapphire Resort