Gretna Green (Jack Hardy)

First played

November 01, 2003

Last played

October 31, 2009

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'twas not quite summertime out by the borderline
I stopped for thirst one day at a smith's along the way
And there by fireside was the brightest pair of emerald eyes
The Belle of Gretna Green

Her hair a golden brown if e'er one be so blessed
Black velvet was her gown white lace upon her breast
A half crescent moon in silver on a golden chain
And so my heart was claimed

But she said she'd not be mine for she'd soon be a bride
Her man would soon arrive from the Northumberland side
Though it pleased not her clan that he be a highway man
'twas safe in Gretna Green

So I drank the sad farewell that night in starry spell
As I bid goodbye the smith drew me aside
He said tis true enough that she be waiting for her love
Tis all in vain, in mind

Ten years ago today bout seven miles away
Dragoons rode him down neath Black Ford's oak was found
And no one to this day has had the strength to tell her his fate
That half crescent moon in his hand

Many the years have gone as I sing to you this song
She does not age at all. Many for her they fall
And those of lonely bed would drink a toast to her instead
Farewell my Belle, my Queen
The Ghost of Gretna Green
Farewell my Belle, my Queen
The Ghost of Gretna Green