Just So You Know (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

March 07, 2003

Last played

April 06, 2019

Times played



I put my things together, went out on the/a lost highway
Got on that blue mule, I went bouncin' every which way
Hangin by a thread and working like a dog
Through desserts in the sun, over mountains in the fog
Just so you know this is i gonna be the death of me

[Went on to California and I ran into the Happy Brigade
Went on into the morning, everynight we played](1)
Workin' like a dog and hangin by a thread
I woke up in a fog on my blow-up bed
Just so you know this is gonna be the death of me

One fine morning/day I'm going back to Fairview Lake
[Me and old bessie (2)] gonna lay around and shake and bake
Hangin by a thread, workin' like a dog
Through desserts in sun or the mountains in the fog
Just so you know this is gonna be the death of me

Workin' like a dog, hangin by a thread
Someone get the tape out, tell me what I said/played
Just so you know this is going to be the death of me

[older/alternate lyrics]
(1) [20 miles to Utah, rode in feelin' half past dead
__________ just to keep the monkeys fed]

(2) [Pack up that old mule]

Note from Scott B: Todd is notorious for changing the lyrics on the fly. This is the famous "unfinished song" with probably fifty different verses. The "me and old bessie" line is usually sung as "Me and ol' Millsy..." these days, which means his wife, Erin.

Shows played

2004-02-20 Mexicali Blues
2004-03-13 Fountain House
2004-03-19 Tuxedo Junction
2004-03-25 Fox Theatre
2004-04-02 The Milky Way - Pacific University
2004-04-06 The Little Fox
2004-04-09 Moe's Alley
2004-04-17 Paramount Night Club
2004-04-21 Sticky Fingerz
2004-06-25 Knitting Factory
2004-07-01 Rios
2004-08-07 Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash @ Sunshine Daydream Cam
2004-08-14 Floyd Fest @ Dance Tent
2004-08-28 R2
2004-09-08 Grog Shop
2004-10-31 Orpheum Theater
2004-11-04 Constable Jack's
2004-11-12 32 Bleu
2004-11-20 Martyrs'
2004-12-10 Harper's Ferry
2004-12-30 Mexicali Blues
2005-01-29 Bowery Ballroom
2005-02-18 Mexicali Blues
2005-03-03 Luther's Blues
2005-03-18 River Street Jazz Cafe
2005-04-12 Tahoe Biltmore - Club Breeze
2005-04-13 Palms Playhouse
2005-04-15 The Independent
2005-05-20 The Silo
2005-07-08 Martyrs'
2005-10-12 Alley Katz
2005-10-15 Neighborhood Theatre
2005-12-08 Revolution Hall
2005-12-11 8x10 Club
2005-12-30 Theatre of the Living Arts
2007-04-13 Crystal Ballroom
2007-04-19 Mystic Theater
2007-04-26 Belly Up Tavern
2007-06-14 Proud Larry's
2007-09-28 Gothic Theatre
2007-10-07 12 Galaxies
2007-10-31 State Theatre
2007-12-31 Cool Springs Farm
2018-01-06 Park City Live
2018-01-11 Wilma Theater
2018-01-18 Catalyst
2018-01-20 The Warfield
2018-02-16 House of Blues - Boston
2018-02-22 The National
2018-02-28 Lincoln Theatre
2018-03-04 3rd and Lindsley
2018-03-09 The Vic Theatre
2018-04-20 Granada Theater
2018-04-26 Tipitina's
2018-06-02 Music on the Mothership
2018-06-30 Asbury Lanes
2018-11-23 Sherman Theater
2018-12-29 Neptune Theater
2019-01-21 10 Mile Music Hall
2019-03-22 9:30 Club
2019-04-06 Emo's Austin