Little Bit O' Me (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

May 24, 2008

Last played

March 01, 2018

Times played



oh little baby
what do I see?
a little bit o you
and a little bit o me

oh little baby
dawn of the day
two hearts open
and a journey's underway

temperature rising
up on the hill
falcon on the hick'ry
quiet and still

windy on the high ridge
rivers running free
two run together and
a moving heart beats

and the hope that I've found
is that you'll be happy
and the hope I'll carry round
is that you'll be okay

oh little baby
did you feel the sun?
when we took the two
and made it into one


oh little baby
opening eyes
will you see a blue
or a threatening sky

what will you hear
what will you know?
the soft wind's rustle
or the sirens blow?

will you roam freely
oh little one
chase the pounding beat
of the buffalo run

oh little baby
before you move along
let me fill your cup
from a bucket of song


Shows played

2010-06-18 StageOne
2010-08-28 Music on the Mountaintop
2010-10-01 The Fillmore
2010-10-15 LaZona Rosa
2010-11-20 Rams Head Live
2010-12-02 Tupelo Music Hall
2011-01-01 Ogden Theater
2011-01-24 Belly Up Tavern
2011-02-10 Kent Stage
2011-02-25 Westcott Theater
2011-03-24 Emerson Cultural Center
2011-04-19 Music Farm
2011-11-13 Bell's Brewery
2011-12-30 Ogden Theater
2012-02-01 Bama Theatre
2012-03-01 Neptune Theater
2012-09-13 Boulder Theater
2012-09-22 Ziggy's
2013-02-10 Music Farm
2013-02-23 9:30 Club
2013-06-14 Palantine Park
2013-07-14 Belly Up
2014-01-15 Wooly's
2014-01-25 The Pageant
2014-02-12 Town Ballroom
2014-04-11 House of Blues -- Cleveland