Monkey (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

December 31, 2013

Last played

April 04, 2019

Times played



Pull into December
And turn another year
It's snowin like a curtain comin down
One day at a time, is moving awful slow
But it looks as if the year has turned around

They're open on the left, they're open on the right
They're open every day, they are open every night
Trying to keep the train movin down the track
Tryin to keep the monkey off my back

Now if you make a livin when other people fall
I tell you there is money to be made
If you're cashin' in on their devils and desires
You got it made in the shade

Jumpin' on the left, and jumpin' on the right
They're ghoulish in their glee, they're nasty when they bite
Trying to get my train movin down the track
Tryin to keep the monkeys off my back

Piece of heart, Peace of mind
Baby ain't it hard to find
Piece of heart Peace of mind
Sure gave away a lot of mine

Pull in to December like a curtain comin down
Addin up and movin on
Thinkin bout some friends
Their beginnings and their ends
Wonderin how everything has gone

Some go to the grave some go to the pen
Some go to a place
I never want to go again

Shows played

2019-01-19 The Ogden Theatre
2019-02-01 The UC Theater
2019-03-21 The National
2019-04-04 Granada Theater