Mountain Annie (Mimi Naja - Fruition)


Well I went down to the train yard looking to forget you
And I laid my head down on the rail
Well these tracks they must run near you, ‘cause I swear that I could hear you, singing
And I wish I couldn't say, since you been away
Well I don't feel like I know myself
Yes and when I get to thinkin 'bout it, it just turns to drinkin 'bout it, over and over again
Oh why, oh why, do I let myself cry, over you?
When I call out your name, you don't do the same, now do you
Get out of my head, give me back my heart Mountain Annie
Now in the flicker of a candle’s flame, smoke that rises spells your name
And then it disappears
And my hearts grown tired of beatin, and my lips are tired of speakin, so I won't
And the sky must know, the way that these things go because it's raining like it's never gonna stop
And if this flood comes running through, Lord I hope I can float away from you and break these chains

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