New Lee Highway Blues (David Bromberg)

First played

May 09, 2004

Last played

June 29, 2018

Times played



All through Northern Oregon
Always at my side
Sleepin in those narrow beds
And then we'd ride

Drinkin in those dirty bars
Keepin out of sight
Sleepin in that cold back seat
And then we'd ride

You know that Goddamned road seemed like it went forever
Exhaust fumes made our eyes turn red and swell
With our clothes stuck to the seat and to our bodies
It was a stinkin summer trip through southern hell

Eating carbonated crap
Churning up inside
Gas soaked service station
And then we'd ride

Silence in the front seat
Tryin not to start the fight
Quiet half-hid cryin'
Then we'd ride

You know you can grow to hate these crummy little one horse towns
With the seamy movie houses long closed down
No where to go from here but up or down that road
And nothin over there but the same damned town

Another sour coffee cup
One more piece of cardboard pie
Buy a tooth brush and change of clothes
Then we'd ride

Shows played

2004-05-09 Washington & Lee University
2004-05-15 State Theatre
2004-08-15 Chalet Wolfneck
2004-08-28 R2
2004-09-17 Neighborhood Theatre
2004-10-30 Stella Blue
2004-11-04 Constable Jack's
2004-11-07 Connecticut Yankee
2004-11-12 32 Bleu
2004-11-18 Green Room
2004-11-20 Martyrs'
2004-12-03 State Theatre
2004-12-04 River Street Jazz Cafe
2004-12-11 Meadows Music Theatre
2004-12-30 Mexicali Blues
2012-02-02 Bijou Theater
2012-02-11 First Avenue
2012-03-03 Crystal Ballroom
2012-03-16 The BellyUp
2012-06-24 Freebird Live
2012-09-22 Ziggy's
2012-12-30 Crystal Ballroom
2015-01-16 The Vic Theatre
2015-01-22 The Ogden Theatre
2015-01-31 Stubb's BBQ
2015-02-13 Royal Oak Music Theatre
2015-02-28 9:30 Club
2015-03-13 The Independent
2015-03-21 Belly Up Tavern
2015-03-27 Music Farm
2015-07-04 Concord Music Hall
2015-09-19 Boulder Theater
2015-11-27 Sherman Theater