Potter's Field

First played

April 16, 2003

Last played

April 03, 2019

Times played



Capo 3rd fret



Verse: Am C G G* Em Am
Chorus: Am G Am Am* Am; Am G Am Em Am x2
Bridge: F Am x3; G F x2

I'm just a traveler passing through
I wont haunt or bother you
Though you could lend an ear to my story

You can call me old Jack
You might have seen me caped in Black
As I roam the streets of the village

In her long flowing hair
You might find my story there
Though it was not my own hand that killed her

I went down a moon lit trail
Rode out on a rail
And began my long life of journeys

In the ripple that rolls on the water
In the high rolling wave out at sea
In the shadow that flies on the valley
In the middle is where you'll find me

In a foul tub of a boat
My passage I did float
Joined the ranks right on the docks of the city

In the fire of the Devil's den
With the gray-coated men
I lost all my hope and my two brothers

So I wandered in the West
I settled down and did my best
But my heart was unsteady and restless

I took a room on Houseton Street
Where the pawned poets would meet
And we poured out the wine of the ages

In the ripple that rolls on the water
In the hard-hearted moon we both see
In the shadow that falls in the alley
In a riddle is where I will be

Ten little fingers...
Ten little toes...
Sleep little baby...
Will you ever know?
Will you ever know?

Years ago my lid was sealed
They threw me down in the potter's field
With the souls of the lost and forgotten

And though my name is dead and gone
I remain and I carry on
And I roam with an old band of brothers

And if you strum the ancient string
You may call my spirit in
Or if you blow on the whole of the whistle

By an old highland air
I may stop and listen there
Or when the wren pulls her nest from the thistle

In the ripple that rolls on the water
In the high rollin' wave out at sea
In the shadow that flies in the valley
In a riddle is where you'll find me

High above the cuillen moor
Stands the ole' man of storr
In the mist, the stone, and the mountain

If you scramble up that scree
Won't you stay a while for me
And watch the white rollin' waves wash the island

G*: G w/2nd string 3rd fret

Am*: Just release 2nd & 3rd fingers from Am for one strum.

Shows played

2011-01-14 Orange Peel
2011-01-16 WorkPlay Theatre
2011-01-18 George's Majestic
2011-01-21 Sunshine Theater
2011-01-24 Belly Up Tavern
2011-01-27 Roxy Theatre
2011-01-28 Catalyst
2011-02-03 Northern Lights
2011-02-04 Toad's Place
2011-02-05 Brooklyn Bowl
2011-02-10 Kent Stage
2011-02-11 Penn's Peak
2011-02-12 Jefferson Theater
2011-02-25 Westcott Theater
2011-02-26 German House Theatre
2011-03-03 Minglewood Hall
2011-03-05 Royal Oak Music Theatre
2011-03-06 Lyell B. Clay Performing Arts Center, Creative Arts Center, WVU
2011-03-20 The BellyUp
2011-03-23 Harry O's
2011-03-25 Wilma Theater
2011-03-27 The Vault
2011-03-30 DG's Tap House
2011-04-15 The Pageant
2011-04-21 State Theatre
2011-05-28 DelFest @ Allegany County Fairgrounds
2011-06-03 Jomeokee Park
2011-06-10 Sonoma County Fairgrounds
2011-06-17 Telluride Bluegrass Festival
2011-07-02 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
2011-07-16 Great South Bay Music Festival @ Shorefront Park
2011-07-22 Britt Pavilion
2011-07-29 Floydfest Revival Music and Arts Festival
2011-08-20 Red Rocks Amphitheater
2011-09-02 Levitt Pavilion
2011-09-10 Terrapin Hill Festival
2011-09-16 Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival - Piedmont Stage
2011-10-01 FolkFest
2011-10-06 World Cafe Live @ the Queen
2011-10-06 World Cafe Live @ Wilmington
2011-10-08 Mercy Lounge
2011-10-21 The Fillmore Charlotte
2011-10-29 Hangtown Halloween Ball - El Dorado Co Fairgrounds
2011-11-09 Canopy Club
2011-11-11 Majestic Theatre
2011-11-13 Bell's Brewery
2011-11-19 Headliners Music Hall
2011-11-26 Sherman Theater
2011-12-29 Ogden Theater