Ragtime Annie Lee (Unknown (see notes))

First played

May 01, 2001

Last played

March 19, 2015

Times played



Well I just got a letter
And it’s from Tennessee
From my baby Ragtime Annie Lee
She said that she missed me
And was longing just to kiss me
And it made me just as happy as could be
So I just bought a ticket
And if everything’s right
[Andy sings “I got a feeling if things were right”]
Me and my guitar will be in Nashville tonight
My steel guitar that she loves so well
Will be upon my knee and
I’ll be playing to my Ragtime Annie Lee
And the song I will play [the boys sing, “And the song I will sing…”]
Will say I love you
And I’ll take her in my arms
And tell her all of her charms just like I used to do

And maybe I’ll say
Will you marry me
And if she will be mine
Then my guitar will shine
For the love of me and Ragtime Annie Lee
And the song I will play
Will say I love you
And I’ll take her in my arms
And tell her all of her charms just like I used to do

And maybe I’ll say
Will you marry me
And if she will be mine
Then my guitar will shine
For the love of me and Ragtime Annie Lee

Go here for the history of the song: http://elliotkenneloldtimemusic.blogspot.com/2011/10/ragtime-annie.html

Shows played

2002-01-15 Princeton University - Charter Club
2002-01-31 Lehigh University - Lamberton Hall
2002-02-01 Blue Star
2002-02-02 Krogh's Brewpub
2002-02-14 Howard’s Club H
2002-02-16 Boulevard Cafe
2002-02-22 Starlight
2002-02-23 Tulagi
2002-02-25 Neurolux
2002-02-26 Mt. Tabor Theater
2002-02-27 The Milky Way - Pacific University
2002-02-28 Unknown Venue
2002-03-01 Last Day Saloon
2002-03-03 Henfling's Firehouse Tavern
2002-03-04 Squaw Valley Ski Resort - Bar One
2002-03-06 Zephyr Club
2002-03-07 Wolf Den Tavern
2002-03-09 Half Moon Saloon
2002-03-20 Variety Playhouse
2002-03-21 Cumberland's
2002-03-22 Suwannee Springfest @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music
2002-03-23 Suwannee Springfest @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music
2002-03-25 Rafter's
2002-03-28 Geno's
2002-03-29 Ziggy's
2002-03-30 Cary Street Cafe
2002-04-05 Baker Ballroom
2002-04-27 North Carolina State University
2002-05-11 Tribeca Blues
2002-05-16 Iota Cafe
2002-05-22 Murray’s Inn
2002-06-05 Baker Ballroom
2002-06-14 University of Wisconsin - Memorial Union Terrace
2002-06-21 Telluride Bluegrass Festival @ Fly Me To The Moon
2002-06-22 Telluride Bluegrass Festival @ Town Park
2002-06-29 Celebrate Life and Music Festival @ Mystic Hot Spr
2002-07-03 River Ranch Lodge
2002-07-05 High Sierra Music Festival @ Plumas-Sierra County
2002-07-26 Beardslee Castle
2002-07-27 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival @ Dodds Farm
2002-08-02 Village Underground
2002-08-14 Pour House
2002-08-15 Cary Street Cafe
2002-08-16 Iota Cafe
2002-08-23 Knowlton River Festival. @ Knowlton River Festival
2002-08-26 The Patio
2002-08-29 Utopia Cafe
2002-08-30 Haggard's Black Dog Tavern
2002-09-07 Mt. Tabor Theater
2002-09-12 Center for the Arts
2002-09-13 Broadway Studios
2002-09-14 Quail Hollow Station
2002-09-16 SLO Brewing Company
2002-09-18 14 Below
2002-09-19 Winston's
2002-09-24 Utopia Cafe
2002-09-25 University of Wyoming - The Garage
2002-09-26 Starlight
2002-09-27 Fox Theatre
2002-09-28 Bluebird Theater
2002-10-03 Boulevard Cafe
2002-10-11 Emerald Lounge
2002-10-16 Smith's Olde Bar
2002-10-17 Magnolia Festival @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music P
2002-10-20 Dougaroo
2002-10-31 Chameleon Club
2002-11-02 Higher Ground
2002-11-06 The NorVa
2002-11-08 Cary Street Cafe
2002-11-09 Tribeca Blues
2002-11-23 Club Cafe
2002-11-30 Fountain House
2002-12-31 Cool Springs Farm
2004-02-20 Mexicali Blues
2004-03-04 Funk Box
2004-03-06 Lincoln Theatre
2004-03-13 Fountain House
2004-03-31 Bishop's Pub
2004-04-01 Tractor Tavern
2004-04-04 WOW Hall
2004-04-09 Moe's Alley
2004-04-17 Paramount Night Club
2004-04-21 Sticky Fingerz
2004-04-22 12th & Porter
2004-04-23 Lake Cheston Amphitheatre
2004-05-08 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-06-12 Funk Box
2004-06-23 SoHo
2004-07-31 Bucks County Bluegrass Festival @ Snipe's Farm
2004-08-14 Floyd Fest @ Dance Tent
2004-09-17 Neighborhood Theatre
2004-10-01 Theatre of the Living Arts
2004-10-28 Threadgill's World Headquarters
2004-10-31 Orpheum Theater
2004-11-11 Aggie Theatre
2004-11-17 Ranch Bowl
2004-12-04 River Street Jazz Cafe
2004-12-10 Harper's Ferry
2009-01-15 Tralf Music Hall
2009-04-10 Antone's Nightclub
2009-06-23 Grizzly Rose
2009-08-22 Hemp Hoe Down
2009-09-11 Higher Ground
2009-09-29 The Plaza Theatre
2009-10-24 Paradise Rock Club
2009-12-30 Crystal Ballroom
2010-02-28 Mexicali Live
2010-04-30 Attitudes Bar and Cafe
2010-06-18 StageOne
2010-07-24 Stone Pony
2010-09-28 Arcata Theater
2010-10-19 The Melting Point
2010-11-07 The Ark
2010-12-29 Ogden Theater