Raven's Child (Tim Carbone and Tad Wise)

First played

January 22, 2017

Last played

April 03, 2019

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The Raven Child

Give the raven child
A box of stars
Tossed to heavens
High and far.
For the firmament
Finally to unfurl
Before the astounded eyes
Of the world.

'Twas the same fate
So I've been told
For the sun and the moon
We tonite behold.
All those years
Without a trace
In that secret place--hidden
from the eyes of the world.

When...Why... How...Sky
Might Reveal...Low... un...to...High

How long we search
For that sacred light
Til here it is
Hidden In plain sight.
Sealed now. Still somehow safe and pure...
Awaiting the one to open...
the eyes of the world.

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