Storms (Todd Sheaffer)

First played

March 12, 2004

Last played

April 03, 2019

Times played



(capo 3rd fret)

Intro: G D C (3X)
Em C G (2x)

soft thunder from across the meadow,
rain buckets on the kitchen floor
no letter & the coffers empty
Em C G
but all these storms i know we’ll weather,
Em C G
all these storms we’ll ride together

i never thought that it would be so hard girl, never saved up for a rainy day
never dreamed that we might howl & shiver
but all these storms i know we’ll weather, all these storms we’ll ride together

pick up your heart my love, pick up your branch & dove
jammin’ in the name of the lord
we’ve got a hole to mend, we’ve got a fire to tend
we won’t let these troubles grind us
C Em C G
we’ve got friends & prayers to mind us, we’ve got seven years behind us

Intro then bridge jam: G D Em C G Am

long rumble comin’ ‘cross the meadow, rain pourin’ & the buckets full
sky crackin’ & the whole house shakin’
but all these storms i know we’ll weather, all these storms we’ll ride together

pick up your heart my love, pick up your branch & dove
jammin’ in the name of the lord
my lady look alive!, our ride will soon arrive!
lift up your eyes my dear
we need some light in here
jammin’ ‘til the jammin’s through
we’ve got a hole to mend
we’ve got a fire to tend
we won’t let these troubles grind us
we’ve got prayers on the road behind us
we’ve got heaven’s horses bridled

We'll let it rain . . . we’ll let it rain . .
i love you girl . . let’s get this fire going

*Chord progression interpreted by a Hobo. The songwriters have made no representation regarding accuracy. Chords depicted on songs showing the use of a capo are the open chord shapes.

Shows played

2004-03-12 Fountain House
2004-03-13 Fountain House
2004-03-19 Tuxedo Junction
2004-03-21 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-03-26 32 Bleu
2004-03-27 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-03-28 Suede
2004-03-31 Bishop's Pub
2004-04-01 Tractor Tavern
2004-04-02 The Milky Way - Pacific University
2004-04-03 Mt. Tabor Theater
2004-04-06 The Little Fox
2004-04-08 The Independent
2004-04-10 Malibu Inn
2004-04-16 Stella Blue
2004-04-17 Paramount Night Club
2004-04-21 Sticky Fingerz
2004-04-22 12th & Porter
2004-04-24 Cla-Zel Theater
2004-04-25 River Street Jazz Cafe
2004-05-07 Mad River Center For The Arts - Eclipse Theater
2004-05-08 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-05-15 State Theatre
2004-06-04 Harper's Ferry
2004-06-11 Crash Mansion
2004-06-12 Funk Box
2004-06-18 Telluride Bluegrass Festival @ Town Park
2004-06-19 Stella Blue
2004-06-23 SoHo
2004-06-24 The Independent
2004-06-26 Casbah
2004-07-01 Rios
2004-07-04 High Sierra Music Festival @ Plumas-Sierra County
2004-07-06 Suede
2004-07-08 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-07-09 Ranch Bowl
2004-07-16 Greyfox Bluegrass Festival @ Rothvoss Farm
2004-07-29 Rex Theater
2004-08-13 Floyd Fest @ Floyd Fest
2004-08-15 Doug's Cabin porch
2004-08-26 Crocodile Rock
2004-08-27 Knowlton Riverfest
2004-08-28 R2
2004-09-03 Strawberry Music Festival @ Camp Mather
2004-09-10 Black Swamp Arts Festival @ Black Swamp Arts Festi
2004-09-11 Chameleon Club
2004-09-15 Starr Hill Music Hall
2004-09-16 Lincoln Theatre
2004-09-19 Blue Ridge Harvest Festival @ Cherokee Farms
2004-10-01 Theatre of the Living Arts
2004-10-03 Dave & Kacey's Wedding @ unknown venue
2004-10-20 The Handlebar
2004-10-26 Last Concert Cafe
2004-10-28 Radio appearance
2004-10-28 Threadgill's World Headquarters
2004-10-31 Orpheum Theater
2004-11-03 KPFA 94.1 FM Studios
2004-11-05 The Independent
2004-11-08 Tahoe Biltmore - Club Breeze
2004-11-12 32 Bleu
2004-11-13 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-11-16 Granada Theatre
2004-11-18 Green Room
2004-11-19 The Annex
2004-11-20 Martyrs'
2004-12-02 Funk Box
2004-12-03 State Theatre
2004-12-04 River Street Jazz Cafe
2004-12-10 Harper's Ferry
2004-12-11 Meadows Music Theatre
2004-12-31 Mexicali Blues
2005-01-29 Bowery Ballroom
2005-02-13 Mystic Theater
2005-02-20 Mexicali Blues
2005-03-04 Green Room
2005-03-05 Martyrs'
2005-03-18 River Street Jazz Cafe
2005-03-31 8150 Club
2005-04-01 Aggie Theatre
2005-04-06 Bishop's Pub
2005-04-08 Crystal Ballroom
2005-04-10 Domino Room
2005-04-13 Palms Playhouse
2005-04-14 Chico Woman's Club
2005-04-16 The Independent
2005-04-27 Smith's Olde Bar
2005-05-19 State Theatre
2005-05-20 The Silo
2005-07-08 Martyrs'
2005-07-16 Brookhaven Amphitheater
2005-08-19 Delaware River Music Festival @ Delaware River Mus
2005-10-13 Starr Hill Music Hall
2005-10-14 Lincoln Theatre
2005-10-18 Skipper's Smokehouse
2005-11-11 Blue Point Brewing Company
2005-11-26 Whitney Chapel - Centenary College
2005-12-08 Revolution Hall
2010-04-10 Mexicali Live
2010-04-22 8x10 Club
2010-09-18 The Cedar Cultural Center
2010-10-02 The Fillmore
2010-10-19 The Melting Point
2010-10-22 Visulite Theatre
2010-10-29 The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
2010-11-07 The Ark
2010-12-10 9:30 Club
2010-12-31 Ogden Theater
2018-01-10 The Pub Station
2018-01-13 Roseland Theater
2018-01-20 The Warfield
2018-02-17 Capitol Theatre
2018-03-04 3rd and Lindsley
2018-03-09 The Vic Theatre
2018-04-19 George's Majestic
2018-04-29 Music Farm
2018-08-18 Red Rocks Amphitheater
2018-09-20 Ardmore Music Hall
2018-10-13 Hillberry The Harvest Moon Festival
2018-10-20 Bridge Jam
2018-11-23 Sherman Theater
2018-12-17 WinterWonderGrass Vermont
2018-12-30 Roseland Theater
2019-01-18 The Ogden Theatre
2019-02-02 The UC Theater
2019-03-22 9:30 Club
2019-04-03 Last Concert Cafe