Won't You Come and Sing For Me (Hazel Dickens)

First played

February 18, 2001

Last played

January 20, 2019

Times played



I feel the shadows now upon me
And the angels beckon to me
Before I go dear sisters and brothers
Won't you come and sing for me

Sing those hymns we sang together
In that plain little church with the benches all worn
How dear to my heart how precious the moments
We stood shaking hands and singing a song

My burden is heavy my way has grown weary
I have traveled a road that is long
And it would warm this old heart my dear brother
If you come and sing me one song

In my home beyond the dark river
Your sweet faces no more I will see
Until we meet where there's no more sad parting
Won't you come and sing for me

Shows played

2004-02-21 Mexicali Blues
2004-03-06 Lincoln Theatre
2004-03-12 Fountain House
2004-03-18 Chameleon Club
2004-03-21 Narrows Center for the Arts
2004-03-27 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom
2004-04-01 Tractor Tavern
2004-04-09 Moe's Alley
2004-04-14 Rhythm Room
2004-04-17 Paramount Night Club
2004-06-23 SoHo
2004-08-15 Doug's Cabin porch
2004-09-11 Chameleon Club
2004-10-20 The Handlebar
2004-10-28 Threadgill's World Headquarters
2004-11-07 Connecticut Yankee
2004-11-19 The Annex
2004-11-20 Martyrs'
2009-02-20 Higher Ground
2009-03-28 Apple Store
2009-06-05 Wakarusa Music Festival
2009-06-22 The Depot
2009-06-25 The Moore Theater
2009-09-29 The Plaza Theatre
2009-10-03 Variety Playhouse
2009-11-13 Bearsville Theatre
2009-12-10 Music Hall of Williamsburg
2010-04-30 Attitudes Bar and Cafe
2010-05-13 Port City Music Hall
2010-07-24 Stone Pony
2010-09-17 House of Blues
2010-10-18 Exit/Inn
2014-01-12 Castle Theatre
2014-01-25 The Pageant
2014-03-08 Crescent Ballroom
2014-03-16 Arcata Theater
2014-03-20 Neptune Theater
2014-06-29 Gillioz Theatre
2014-11-28 Sherman Theater
2016-01-17 Iron City
2016-03-12 9:30 Club
2016-09-25 Town Ballroom
2016-11-26 Sherman Theater